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Movie description

‘The Last Family’ is a full-length feature about a Polish surrealist painter – Zdzisław Beksiński and his family. The story takes place over 28 years (1977 – 2005), when the painter had been living in Warsaw. Main characters are: Zdzisław, his son Tomek (music journalist and film translator), wife Zofia, his mother and mother-in-law. Each one of them, except for Tomek, died in the same apartment. Tomek committed suicide in his own apartment, two blocks away.

Each death was different but Zdzisław had always been nearby…

The Last Family is a story about strong family ties and group of weird outsiders, who lived in their own, peculiar world. This is a drama full of dark humor and a tale about the confrontation between dreams and reality.

The main characters, Zdzisław and Tomek, are played by two outstanding Polish actors of their generations: Andrzej Seweryn (‘The Conductor’, ‘Schindler’s List’) and Dawid Ogrodnik (‘Ida’, ‘Life Feels Good’). Movie soundtrack includes tracks from Ultravox, King Crimson and J.S. Bach.