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“I’ll send you a postcard” is a story about an extremely charismatic 16-year-old girl, Ada, who in the future wants to live in New York, to play concerts there, adopt children and carry food to Africa. Meanwhile, her life is the four walls of the hall at the closed hospital ward for children, chemotherapy, the sound of the pump, the longing for an absent father, whom she wants to forgive this absence, taking care of her mom-friend who is great “being a mom and dad”, and with whom Ada would love to “get out of here”.

The camera accompanies this life, is a witness, interviews doctors with children, children with parents, comments and investigates, without unnecessary voice overs. We see and hear as much as is given to us in the reality.

The film is an attempt to understand why the child must suffer. How much suffering can a child bear? Do children experience pain differently than adults? How do they understand it? How does the life of a child and an adult in changes in this situation?

Film was produced by Aurum Film in co-production with Telewizją Polską S.A. and co-financed by Lublin City within Lublin Film Commision

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